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New Technology From Volvo Brand to Eliminate Run-Off Road Crashes

This may be a sad way to start a post, but it's necessary. In just one year in the United States, approximately 37,000 Americans perish in car accidents. This number is unsettling, but it is the probing factor to the Volvo brand's constantly evolving commitment to developing new safety technology to save lives. Recently, the brand has revealed developments in their solution to run-off road crashes. Let's take a look at…

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Take On 2015 with the Volvo V60

Our team at Carolina Volvo is busy making New Year's resolutions as one year ends and another begins. Some of us plan to be healthier, workout more, spend more time with know, the usual. But others of us have decided to make a different kind of resolution. In 2015, we want to live more adventurously. We want to 'go anywhere.' How will we maintain this goal? Easy, with the Volvo V60.


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