The Easiest Way to Jump Start One Car with Another Vehicle

Sometimes, auto situations arise when we least expect it. This often appears as a dead battery, and you may need to have your vehicle jump-started or help another motorist. To safely jump-start the vehicle, be sure you have jumper cables, protective eye-wear, a good pair of work gloves, and a wire brush. Open the hoods of both cars after you bring both vehicles nose-to-nose. Turn off the engine and car lights too and put on the gloves and glasses.

If the battery in either car has any corrosion on the terminals, use your wire brush to clean the area. Place one red jumper cable on the plus side of the battery with power, the other red cable to the plus side of the bad battery. The black cable goes to minus side of the good battery, the other black cable to metal surface anywhere on the car to get the jump-start. Start the good car, wait, then after two minutes start the car.

Don't risk getting stranded again, come to our Volvo service center in Bluffton and our team will replace the car battery and give the charging system a complete check-up.

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