The Volvo S90 is already one of the most luxurious sedans on the market, but the Ambience Concept available with this model makes riding in it one of the most pleasant experiences: on or off the road. This concept turns the cabin of the Volvo S90 into a three seater where the passenger side of the car turns into a lounging area for one passenger to stretch out, but that is only the start of the comfort.

As someone else handles the driving, this system transports passengers to different settings outside the cabin of their car, which makes riding in your car something to look forward to, but how exactly does it work?

Through an app on your smartphone, you can select one of seven visual displays, from Northern Lights to a Swedish Forrest, that will project onto the ceiling of the cabin, so you see breathtaking scenery instead of drab colors. These displays range from relaxing, perfect for a ride home after a long day, to energizing, for getting ready for a long day, so there are no limits to your experience.

Each of these settings has their own unique sounds and smells, and you'll get to experience those as well. It comes with a premium sound system from Bowser & Wilkins that includes tweeters in your headrest for an audial experience that immerses you into the setting you choose, and the pop-up fragrance dispenser in the center console brings the fresh smells to your nose.

This is only one way the Volvo S90 aims to make your driving experience as unique and enjoyable as possible, so be sure to check out our inventory of the luxury sedan that is changing the way we look at driving.

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