The Best Way to Add Traction To Your Driveway in the Winter

Here at Volvo Cars Hilton Head, many drivers in Bluffton have asked our service team for tips to help keep their driveway from becoming slippery in the winter time. As we all know, winter brings new hazardous conditions to roads and walk ways. Our service team came up with some tips on what to use to improve traction on in your drive way.

While many people will use kitty litter as a way to add traction in the winter time, you should always avoid using this method. Kitty litter provides little traction to your driveway, and can even cause you to lose traction if the kitty litter mixes with slush.

The best options for adding traction to your driveway in the winter time is using salt to melt ice and snow, and then following up with sand to add more traction. Salt may be more harmful to your vehicle, but it is the only way to melt snow and ice buildup in your driveway.
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