If you are driving down the road and your brakes suddenly start to make a grinding noise, you need help with your brakes right away. The grinding noise is the sound of your brake pads completely worn down to the brackets rubbing your rotors. The noise is loud, and your car will be difficult to drive.

Letting your brake pads wear down can damage your rotors beyond repair. How low can you go? https://t.co/VATAIyiA1e pic.twitter.com/eRA7Fa1yit

— Cars.com (@carsdotcom) May 4, 2016

Your brake pads wear down over time. Usually, you will hear some squealing noises that alert you, telling you that it's time to drive to Carolina Volvo and have your brakes serviced. If the noise goes right to a loud grinding noise, your brakes are not working, and you need assistance. The brakes on your car should be checked out once a year to make sure they are working properly. A technician will check your brake fluid lines and see how worn down your brake pads are.

With proper maintenance, you won't have to worry about an emergency brake repair. Stay on top of your service needs at 12 Gateway Village Road today!

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