Headlights generally contain at least three different bulbs, each serving its own purpose. There is usually the regular beam, the high beam, and the turn signal bulbs. Not only are there multiple bulbs serving their own purpose, the bulbs themselves can come in three completely different types. These are halogen, conventional, and LED. At Carolina Volvo, we can demonstrate and explain each type of bulb and the pros and cons of each.

Traditionally headlights have used what is known as halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are very bright and powerful while being relatively inexpensive. However, they produce a lot of heat which is essentially just wasted energy. This excess heat can also shorten the life of the bulb. More recent vehicles have started using LED bulbs in their headlights. While they are not as naturally bright as halogens, they use far less electricity and produce almost heat. They can also last upwards of a decade or more, but they can cost a lot more than halogens.

Bring your vehicle to 12 Gateway Village Road in Bluffton, SC to see what types of bulbs your vehicle can use, and discuss which is the option for your particular car. You may find the conversation quite illuminating.

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