Tire Pressure: What Does the Light Mean?

Your tire pressure light has come on. Now what? Do you need to panic? Do you need to replace your tires or make a beeline to the auto service shop nearest you?

First off, don't panic or worry. Your tire pressure indicator is designed to let you know that the tire pressure has changed. It doesn't necessarily indicate that there is a serious problem with your tires. Your tire pressure naturally decreases over time, which means it's important to regularly top off the pressure in your tires.

You should know, however, that if your tires suddenly have very low pressure, it's possible there is a small leak. This is a simple fix, so make sure you visit our dealership in Bluffton, SC as soon as possible. We'll be happy to check your tires for you and to let you know if there are any problems. A tire pressure indicator light is nothing to worry about. It just means it's time to check your tires.

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