Can Water Work as Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Your windshield wiper fluid is running low, and you need to replace it. You go into your garage only to find that your bottle of windshield wiper fluid is empty. So what can you do? Can you use water instead?

Water can be put inside instead of windshield wiper fluid, but our staff at Volvo Cars Hilton Head does not recommend it. First of all, water freezes during the winter while windshield wiper fluid doesn't. Water also doesn't contain any of the essential cleaning ingredients that wiper fluid does. This means that stains on your windshield will probably not come off all the way if you use water.

Don't replace windshield wiper fluid with water if you hope to keep your windshield just as clean. Visit us at Volvo Cars Hilton Head or simply give us a call if you have any questions about your windshield wiper system. We would love to help you out.
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