Volvo Plans to Make Roads a Safe Place for Everyone

When the topic of safety comes up, many people immediately think of Volvo vehicles. These model are filled with features that make road safety simple. And now Volvo is working on another feature that could help not only drivers, but also cyclists stay safe on busy roads. Watch the video to learn more.

Here at Carolina Volvo we are always impressed by the amazing things that Volvo comes up with. This technology allows drivers and cyclists to stay aware of each other, which enables them to make safe decisions that could help prevent accidents that can often be fatal. We think that if this technology is used correctly, it might just save some lives.

To get some more information about what Volvo is up to or to take a look at a Volvo XC90 like the one in this video, you are welcome to stop by our dealership in Bluffton, SC. We are always happy to share information with our customers.

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