Our team at Carolina Volvo is busy making New Year's resolutions as one year ends and another begins. Some of us plan to be healthier, workout more, spend more time with family...you know, the usual. But others of us have decided to make a different kind of resolution. In 2015, we want to live more adventurously. We want to 'go anywhere.' How will we maintain this goal? Easy, with the Volvo V60.

Intuition and power rest under the pedal and behind the wheel of this new 2015 model at our Volvo dealership in Bluffton. With an incredible array of engine options and systems to assist driving in all terrains for improved accuracy and precision, the Volvo V60 truly is the car you can take anywhere. With Trailer Stability Assist functions and Electronic Stability Control, driving can take on a whole new level.

The standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine boasts fuel economy ratings of 25/37 mpg city/highway, while other available engines include the turbocharged five-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. What this means for the driver is more options, more power, more precision, and ultimately, a more superior driving experience.

Visit us at our dealership today for a test drive. Simply call ahead at (888) 522-0237.

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