Genuine Volvo Wipers Provide a Clear View

Our Volvo-owning friends up in the North are going through their own seasonal car maintenance. They're getting their snow tires off and checking the batteries to make sure they are still strong after the long winter. Even though we don't see the amount of snow they do there is still car up keep people in the South should pencil into their service schedule.

It's no secret that Bluffton, SC sees regular rain storms during the summer, which is why we strongly encourage you to contact our parts department and order a set of Genuine Volvo wiper blades.

The windshield wipers are a simple piece of equipment, but when it comes to keeping you safe they play a large role, and since these blades are made for your vehicle they'll last even longer.

Summer isn't far away, and we want you to enjoy warm afternoon drives and be well-protected when the afternoon showers roll in. Come in to see us at Carolina Volvo for more information.

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